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The Weaving Rooms

The weaving rooms is the home of Tabby Textiles and the studio where all our products are created. An unassuming building down one of Darlington's many back lanes, but it is so much more than just a building. The location of our workshops and courses, everyone is welcome to come and join in and experience weaving. 

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Curated by Becky Sunter and Jane Riley, both experienced weavers, together they run workshops in handloom-weaving, spinning and tapestry weaving. The weaving rooms has become a hub for learning textiles techniques where the wealth of knowledge and experience gained by both Becky and Jane is passed on to students through term time courses. The weaving rooms holds six floor looms and many table looms available for term courses. Smaller rigid heddle looms are used for one-day workshops. A library of yarn is available for students to ensure all necessary materials and a choice of colours are available for students to have creative freedom when in the space. 

The weaving rooms has become a community of creative individuals and become an environment to be able to relax, learn, and socialise. It is a friendly and welcoming space, with many cups of teas and coffees powering the creative flow. 

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