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Tabby Textiles 

At the heart of the brand, Tabby Textiles is a handwoven textiles company using traditional techniques to create high quality, well made usable products. Materials are ethically and sustainably sourced and traditional techniques have been mastered to create sustainable slow textiles. Batch produced fabrics ensure unique and individual designs, at a low cost to the environment. 

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Colour Inspiration 

Colour plays a big part in Tabby Textiles designs, often working with bright bold colours, and being fascinated by how colours can appear to change depending on how they are perceived. Inspiration comes from many different sources and almost every product has a story behind it. Much of the inspiration comes from the natural fade, and ageing of surfaces over time. The colours chosen look bright, but look closer and you'll see each colour is in fact many tones of the same colour; An effect observed in nature. A tree has green leaves, but closer inspection sees many shades of green depending on how the light hits each leaf, the shadows cast and the environment it is in.


Tabby Textiles brings all of these elements together, to create a beautiful range of textiles to be worn and enjoyed in the home, bringing to life traditional weaving patterns in a contemporary way with a modern choice of colours and tactile use of materials.

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