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A unique range of cushions, inspired by the Candelabra Primula Border at RHS Harlow Carr. 


The bright colours of the flowers have been handwoven with mainly lambswool and highlights of other mixes of yarns to re-create the stunning display. Woven in a distinctive deflected double cloth pattern with a spot and grid design, each pillow has been matched with velevet or courdoury fabrics, which are bordered with a bobble braid to suggest the Candelabra forms. 


Each cushion has a curve intersection shape which is flipped on its opposite side-so both sides are a refelction of the other. No two cushions are the same, although they all match. They can bought as a set or cherished as an individual pop of colour. 


The cushion pad is made from an eco fibre filling, made from recycled plastic bottles. The pad is also fully re-cyclable at the end its life promoting a closed-loop manufactering process which is better for the environment. Being a synthetic fibre, the pad is allergy friendly and prevents dust mites. It also passes all fire and safety standards. 

Primula Border Cushion

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